Safety Always Comes First With Concrete Chain Sawing And Fine Cut

When it comes to concrete chain sawing, Fine Cut’s team of operators are trained to cut masonry and concrete structures without over cuts with our hand-held concrete chain saws. With the use of concrete chain saws, we are able to make plunge-cuts for creating joints, windows and doorways, cut floor slabs, walls, retaining walls, concrete roof decks and demolition cutting with chain saws. Safety is always our top priority with concrete chain sawing.

Concrete chain sawing requires the use of a specialty saw for cutting into concrete, pipe and so much more.  A concrete chain saw contains diamond grit to give it the strength and durability required to cut tough surfaces. We may specialize in concrete chain sawing, but we’re able to chain saw through cinder block, structural concrete, stone, brick and asphalt as well.

Fine Cut’s operators always use personal protective equipment whenever they are concrete chain sawing. They always check that the chain of the saw does not show any signs of damage in the form of excessive rivet play on the connecting links. The also inspect for broken bumpers, drive links or segments and repair or replace as necessary.

Fine Cut's Safety First Concrete Chain Sawing

Operators know to not insert a diamond chain into a pre-cut that is narrower than the chain segments when concrete chain sawing. Rapid pushback could occur. The standard diamond chain segments are .225 inches wide. Fine Cut’s trained employees are aware of the safety of never installing or running the chain backward.

When they use a chain with a single bumper design, the install chain on the saw so the bumpers lead the segment into the cut. A chain with a double bumper design is not directional and can be fitted accordingly.

It’s best to reinstall a used double bumper chain design in the same cutting direction as when it came off when concrete chain sawing.

A diamond chainsaw should never be run upside down, since concrete debris can fly back into the operator’s face. Fine Cut’s operators are always aware of what is on the backside of a cut. Hazards could include electrical lines, water pipes, sensitive equipment and personnel.

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