Concrete Core Drilling

If you have ever wanted to know about concrete core drilling in Kansas City or Tulsa, here is your one stop for everything related! Concrete core drilling is the process of removing a cylindrical shaped piece of concrete out of a structure. This process is normally used to create openings for HVAC, electrical systems, plumbing and sprinkler systems. This is also not limited to just concrete, concrete core drilling can be done through asphalt, stone, brick, and cinder block. Concrete core drilling can also be used on ceilings, floors, walls, roof drains, and more! 

When concrete core drilling is used, diamond cutting drills are utilized to create a perfectly round hole in whatever structure you need. This diamond cutting edge is attached to a steel tube, the floor or wall is used to anchor the drill to stabilize it for cutting. The cylinder that is cut out of the surface is called a ‘slug’ and is removed once the drilling is completed. 

Fine Cut Drilling and Sawing, LLC first started as a one truck operation in 2002 – since then we have worked alongside some of the biggest names in concrete cutting. Our values are based on loyalty and integrity, and we have created a reputable company that serves Kansas City Missouri and now a new physical location in Tulsa, Oklahoma! We offer several services including:

·         Concrete Core Drilling
·         Concrete Wire Sawing
·         Concrete Hand Sawing
·         Concrete Wall Sawing

·         Plus, more!

Contact us today to see what we can help you with! Both of our physical locations offer our variety of services. You can also sign up for our Fine Cut Insider to get more information direct to your email! Call us at (816) 540-5787 and we will mobilize within 24 hours to your area! 
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