Concrete Core Drilling Essential for Renovating and Construction

Concrete Core Drilling Essential for Renovating and Construction blog1Concrete core drilling allows the creation of precisely positioned openings in structures without compromising the structure itself. For example, it is used for pulling samples of poured concrete to be strength tested by quality assurance companies, drilling openings for manholes, and installing electrical and plumbing lines. Importantly, it should be performed only by highly skilled and experienced operators who can perform safe and quality work.

Some companies may be unaware that concrete core drilling can save them time and money by retrofitting a structure as opposed to creating a new one. We’ve all seen how the economy has shifted during the pandemic. This has resulted in many older, very well-built concrete buildings in most cities and towns. Savvy contractors are retrofitting and repurposing old warehouses and buildings for use as loft apartments, small retail businesses, and restaurants. They employ concrete core drilling to create the openings for running electrical wiring, plumbing lines, and IT conduits for cabling. It is also invaluable for removing old concrete risers in warehouse renovations.

As a specialized service operated by Fine Cut USA, concrete core drilling is the appropriate application for cutting walls, floors slabs, and ceilings for plumbing, HVAC, cabling, phone lines, and electrical wiring. It is also commonly utilized for cutting openings in roadways for drainage, rebar tie-ins, ducts, and other utilities. Operators can make holes from ¾-inch, up to about 6-feet in diameter, and to any required depth. Generally, most professional concrete cutting companies offer core drilling as a basic service and have specialized diamond-edged saws that easily complete such tasks.

Concrete core drilling machines require a significant amount of power and may use either electricity, hydraulic, or air compressors with adjustable speeds. Some equipment is mounted on stands and uses a vacuum to grip the floor and retain the position of the drill. For drilling in walls, the equipment is secured with proper anchors that are capable of handling the vibrations of the equipment. Our operators have the ability to use our equipment for whatever the task requires with a high level of expertise.

Fine Cut USA has found that concrete core drilling is the optimal method of making extremely precise cuts, with the added advantage of low noise, dust-free work environment, even in tight spaces. Whatever your needs involving concrete cutting happen to be, we are confident we are qualified to perform your concrete drilling work. We operate in the greater Kansas City metro, as well as neighboring cities and states including Branson, Columbia, Jefferson City, and St Joseph MO, Lawrence, Topeka and Manhattan KS, and Bentonville, and Fayetteville AR.

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