Concrete Core Drilling Provides Solutions for Construction

Concrete Core Drilling Provides Solutions for Construction Fine CutConcrete core drilling is a fast, accurate way to drill holes in concrete and is usually listed as a basic service by most concrete cutting companies. Most construction projects require concrete core drilling at some point. The process is low-noise, dust-free and non-percussive. It is by far the preferred choice when it comes to cutting concrete.

Diamond concrete core drilling utilizes a core drill bit that consists of a steel tube impregnated with diamond segments on the drilling end. The diamond saw is mounted on the rotating shaft of a drilling machine and is secured to the wall or floor. This method enables operators to drill holes both vertically and horizontally with electric or hydraulic rigs and can be used for drilling in sensitive locations or confined spaces.

The process of concrete core drilling involves drilling clean, circular holes in a concrete surface to create openings for plumbing, as well as for structural installations, in concrete, asphalt, stone, brick, and cinder block in diameters from ½” up to 60″. It is also one of the most effective ways to create openings for HVAC, electrical, and sprinkler systems, and can be used to drill floors, ceilings, walls, floor and roof drains, sewer drains, phone, electrical, cable, and fiber optic openings – inside or out. Trained operators are able to core drill for pipe bollard installation, handrail and anchor holes, and even fireplace exhaust systems. VIDEO 

Since starting in 2002, Fine Cut’s flexibility, technology, and competent operators have enabled us to perform concrete core drilling jobs with skill and precision – every time. We deliver results within budget, on time, and in accordance with our client’s specifications. 

Fine Cut contracts construction projects in the greater Kansas City metro, Branson, Columbia,  St. Joseph, Joplin, Jefferson City, and Springfield, MO, Lawrence, Topeka and Manhattan, KS, and Bentonville and Fayetteville, AR, and we utilize the safest and most efficient demolition techniques anywhere. 

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