Concrete Cutting Company in Kansas City Offers a Wide Range of Services

Concrete Cutting Company in Kansas City Offers a Wide Range of Services fine cutConcrete cutting is an important service that homeowners and businesses can utilize when making changes in basement and foundation walls, retaining walls, bridge structures and much more for homes and buildings and reinforced structures of all kinds. A professional concrete cutting company using the appropriate tools and equipment can do precision concrete cutting jobs of all sizes and in a wide range of environments.

Fine Cut Concrete Drilling and Sawing, LLC, was founded by Jim Ralston in Pleasant Hill, who eventually expanded the business in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. Our trained operators have the skills and ability to perform a variety of concrete slab sawing, wire sawing, wall sawing, hand sawing, and chain work; whether it’s demolition of a structure or cutting openings in buildings and more.

  • Concrete Chain Sawing: Operators at Fine Cut are trained to cut masonry and concrete structures without over cuts with our hand held concrete chain saws. We are able to make plunge-cuts for creating joints, windows and doorways, cut floor slabs, walls, retaining walls, concrete roof decks, demolition cutting and much more. A concrete chain saw contains diamond grit to give it the strength and durability required to cut tough surfaces. 
  • Concrete Wall Sawing: Useful for cutting windows, doorways, elevator shaft openings, crawl spaces, retaining walls, HVAC openings and even demolition cutting, concrete wall sawing enables our trained operators to make precision cuts in vertical and horizontal surfaces. They cut through stone, cinder block, brick, concrete, structural concrete and asphalt.
  • Concrete Wire Sawing: Wire saws give us the most precise cuts on ridges, beams and piers when it comes to making openings in thick walls or removing large concrete structures. Concrete wire sawing can also be referred to as diamond wire cutting. Our operators are able to cut through steel and heavily reinforced concrete, and through stone, cinder blocks, bricks, asphalt, concrete and structural concrete.
  • Concrete Hand Sawing: Hand saws can cut hollowed concrete blocks, pipes, manholes, and more, for most inside projects and in tight spaces. They are designed for creating windows, doorways, mechanical openings, retaining walls, concrete roof decks and flush cuts to existing floors and walls. We can even use them for demolition cutting.
  • Concrete Slab Sawing: This is the process of cutting the upper portion of existing concrete to an even, flat planes, such as leveling damaged pavement, providing control joints or laying underground wires and pipes. They can cut from control joints up to 18 inches thick. Concrete slab sawing may be required to cut an opening for a new staircase, or to remove a section of damaged concrete.
  • Concrete Core Drilling: Used for drilling clean, circular holes through structural concrete, asphalt, stone, brick, and cinder block. Our operators can core drill floors, ceilings, walls, floor and roof drains, sewer drains, phone, electrical, cable, and fiber optic openings, as well as holes for pipe bollard installation, handrail and anchor holes, and fireplace exhausts.

Finding the best concrete cutting service is essential to building demolition and construction projects, as well as highway and road construction. In order for these projects to be successful, you need a reliable, established concrete cutting company in the Kansas City area. Fine Cut USA began as a one-truck operation in 2002. Over the years the company has expanded to become the successful, reliable business that residential and industrial companies throughout the metro have come to depend on. You can reach us by calling 816-540-5787, or on our website.