Concrete Cutting in Topeka, Kansas

Fine Cut offers many services in Topeka, Kansas. We are experienced with working in both large and small facilities that are indoor or outdoor. Our mission is to be a premier concrete cutting company that prides itself on quality, integrity, discipline and loyalty to our customers. We have high standards for our work which effect everything from communication, tidiness, and general service to our customers.

Services available in Topeka, Kansas:

Concrete Slab Sawing

The process that cuts the upper portion of existing concrete to an even, flat plane is known as concrete slab sawing. This technique is used to level damaged pavement, provide control joints or lay underground wires and pipes. When it comes to slab on grade, structural decks, roadways and any other horizontal surface our slab saws do the job. Slab saws are powered by gas, diesel, electric and hydraulic. Our trained operators are equipped to cut through concrete, structural concrete, stone, brick, cinder block and asphalt.

Concrete Core Drilling

Concrete Core Drilling is the process of drilling clean, circular holes in a concrete surface. It is one of the most effective ways to create openings for plumbing, HVAC, electrical and sprinkler systems. We can drill holes of various sizes in diameter. Regardless of the area, our trained operators can core drill inside and outside. Core drilling isn’t limited to just concrete. We core drill through structural concrete, asphalt, stone, brick and cinder block. Our team can core drill floors, ceilings, walls, floor and roof drains, sewer drains, phone, electrical, cable and fiber optic openings. We core drill for pipe bollard installation, handrail and anchor holes and even fireplace exhaust systems.

Concrete Wall Saw

When it comes to cutting windows, doorways, elevator shaft openings, crawl spaces, retaining walls, HVAC openings and even demolition cutting, our concrete wall sawing will do the job. Our operators are trained to cut vertical and horizontal surfaces. They cut through stone, cinder block, brick, concrete, structural concrete and asphalt. The saw is equipped with a circular blade on a track-mounted machine that can climb walls and cut ceilings. The wall saw is capable of cutting openings in concrete foundations, full wall removal, beams, columns and flush cuts.

Concrete Wire Sawing

Our concrete wire saws give us the most precise cuts on ridges, beams and piers when it comes to making openings in thick walls or removing large concrete structures. Concrete wire sawing can also be referred to as diamond wire cutting. Our operators are able to cut through steel and heavily reinforced concrete. Concrete wire sawing is commonly used for underwater cutting, cuts in restricted or remote areas, cuts that require minimal vibration, anchor door openings and cutting through depths which are beyond the reach of conventional tools. The concrete wire saws are capable of cutting through stone, cinder blocks, bricks, asphalt, concrete and structural concrete.

Concrete Hand Sawing

Are you looking to cut a hollow or filled brick? Concrete hand sawing can cut that and block, concrete, pipes, manholes and more. We use them indoors in tight spaces and for most inside projects. They are designed for creating windows, doorways, mechanical openings, retaining walls, concrete roof decks and flush cuts to existing floors and walls. We can even use them for demolition cutting. Our hand saws will cut through concrete, structural concrete, brick, cinder block, stone and asphalt.

Concrete Chain Sawing

When it comes to concrete chain sawing, our team of operators are trained to cut masonry and concrete structures without over cuts with our hand held concrete chain saws. With the use of concrete chain saws we are able to make plunge-cuts for creating joints, windows and doorways, cut floor slabs, walls, retaining walls, concrete roof decks and demolition cutting with chain saws. Concrete chain sawing requires the use of a specialty saw for cutting into concrete, pipe and so much more. A concrete chain saw contains diamond grit to give it the strength and durability required to cut tough surfaces. We may specialize in concrete chain sawing, but we’re able to chain saw through cinder block, structural concrete, stone, brick and asphalt as well.

Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is a process that helps the function of concrete floors. This treatment is used in services such as floor flattening, joint heave correction and rain damage slab repair. Click to visit our grinding and polishing web page to see a full list of services.

Concrete Polishing

What a great way to finish concrete floors! This method is a durable and long lasting way to finish a basic concrete surface. Even better, when polishing with high gloss, the light return is increased which makes the space seem brighter!