Concrete Cutting – Just One of Many Services Offered

Concrete cutting is just the ‘tip of the blade’ when it comes to services offered at Fine Cut Concrete Drilling and Sawing, LLC. Concrete cutting is a skilled and controlled process that must be completed by trained operators, not just anyone off the streets. Operators use saws and drills to remove parts of concrete, stone, brick, asphalt, and other structures with precision and accuracy.
Any concrete cutting project must be done accurately and safely, which is why it must be done with trained and certified operators. Dealing with hardened concrete or other materials, special tools are needed to complete the task efficiently as well as safely. Damaging things such as underground conduits are a common occurrence without proper oversight, tools, and skills specific to concrete cutting. Some of the services we offer at Fine Cut include:
  • Container Roll Off – We now offer dumpster rental services. Consider us for any demo project.
  • Concrete Polishing – Concrete is a great low maintenance and easy flooring option. Polishing concrete is a way to finish and seal the floor for any kind of use.
  • Concrete Grinding – This is used to level or lower a concrete floor surface.
  • Concrete Scanning – This is a fairly new service we’ve added that takes place before any concrete cutting begins. This makes sure there are no unseen obstacles before cutting into the surface. 
No matter the concrete cutting project you have in mind, Fine Cut Drilling and Sawing, LLC has you covered. We are a well-established, reputable company servicing the entire Kansas City metropolitan area, as well as surrounding cities and states including Tulsa, OK, Branson, MO, Lawrence, KS, Bentonville, AR, Columbia, MO, Topeka, KS, Fayetteville, AR, Joplin, MO, Manhattan, KS, Jefferson City, MO, St. Joseph, MO, and Springfield, MO. Our impeccable work ethic and dedication to providing high quality service set us apart from the standard and provides to our continued successes. Call us today at (816) 540-5787 or visit our website