Concrete Slab Sawing in Kansas City and Tulsa

Concrete slab sawing, also called flat sawing, can take many forms on a construction site. This process cuts the upper portion of existing concrete to a flat even plane. This technique is used to level damaged pavement, provide control joints, or lay underground wires and pipes. When it comes to slab on grade, structural decks, roadways, and any other horizontal surface Fine Cut’s slab saws do the job. If you need experts on concrete slab sawing, call Fine Cut USA!

Our trained operators are equipped to use concrete slab sawing to cut through concrete, structural concrete, stone, brick, cinder block and asphalt. Compared to jack hammering, concrete slab sawing is faster, and less stressful to structural areas, not to mention quieter. Concrete slab saws are powered by gas, diesel, electric and hydraulic. Diamond blades mounted on a walk-behind machine require only one operator for most projects. Saws with 12-inch and 14-inch blades are most used for cuts up to 33-inches in depth. Cutting the right depth is important, but the length of the cut is also critical, and concrete slab sawing enables the operator to make precision cuts with no over-cutting. Some other common applications for concrete slab sawing include:

  • Road and street repairs
  • Residential and commercial improvements
  • Broken water pipe and sewer line repair
  • Highway street cut patching
  • Runways and bridge deck reconstruction and repairs
  • Plus, much more!

Fine Cut has used concrete slab sawing for parking lots, construction sites, water parks, and even at Arrowhead Stadium, where the Kansas City Chiefs play. Fine Cut Concrete Drilling and Sawing, LLC, was founded by Jim Ralston. After graduating high school, Jim worked for a local concrete company, pouring basements. With concrete in his veins, he expanded on the trade in the Kansas City area in the field of concrete drilling and slab sawing. Fine Cut is also a member of the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association. Besides concrete slab sawing, Fine Cut offers many other services like concrete core drilling, concrete wall sawing, concrete wire sawing, concrete hand sawing, and concrete chain sawing. We service several locations in and around Kansas City, MO, and Tulsa, OK! Call us to find out if we service your area. When you require concrete slab sawing or other services we offer, get in touch today by calling 816-540-5787 or contact us on our website!