Concrete Wall Sawing Involves Specialized Techniques

fine cut Concrete Wall Sawing Involves Specialized TechniquesConcrete wall sawing, when it comes to any kind of concrete construction, is a preferred method of operators for cutting openings through concrete walls and masonry, HVAC venting, egress doors and windows, raised slab removal, and more. It may also be applied for sectioning concrete, brick, and stone, and in demolition work.

Also known as track sawing, concrete wall sawing is highly effective for cutting reinforced concrete walls and concrete floors and is an efficient tool that employs high-quality diamond blades to obtain the minimum level of friction. Importantly, the powerful concrete saws enable operators to make precision cuts to greater depths than typical saws.

Concrete wall sawing is frequently required by commercial and industrial construction contractors for demolition and other cutting projects. Other benefits include less downtime, less noise, dust, and debris, maintains structural integrity, and allows for limited access cutting. When you need concrete wall sawing for repairs, modifying existing structures, or performing a complete teardown, our operators will help you meet your critical deadlines while keeping a constant focus on efficiency and job site safety. A skilled operation can be set up at practically any location for conventional materials, inverted or flush-cut sawing. Further, concrete wall sawing is an ideal method for cutting openings in lift-shaft access points and for reducing the heights of walls.

Fine Cut has earned an outstanding reputation for consistency, reliability, and cost-effective solutions. Many major demolition projects in the area have since relied on our concrete sawing, drilling, and cutting services. Our team of professionals is committed to conducting our business with integrity and honesty, a solid work ethic, and providing high-quality services. For more information about all the services we provide in the greater Kansas City metro, Springfield or Branson, Missouri, Fayetteville or Bentonville, Arkansas, and select cities in Kansas. To request a quote, contact us today! 

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