Concrete Wall Sawing Provides for Cutting Openings and Demolition

Concrete Wall Sawing Provides for Cutting Openings and Demolition Fine Cut USAConcrete wall sawing is typically employed to create openings for windows or doors or to separate an area of wall for demolition. The process is used to cut vertical surfaces, such as concrete or brick walls for cutting openings in vertical surfaces and surfaces where flat saws cannot be used. A track is attached to the wall and the concrete saw is run along the track to make a linear cut. It can be applied to reinforced concrete walls and floors and is also utilized in demolition cutting through stone, cinder block, concrete, structural concrete, and asphalt. It provides for doors, windows, vaults, silos, chests, foundations, ducts or large diameter pipes, and the removal of part or all of existing walls. 

Many construction companies utilize concrete wall sawing for cutting openings in concrete foundations, full wall removal, cutting through beams and columns, and making flush cuts. This method is routinely used to remove damaged concrete because it offers high strength in compression and is especially beneficial for covering long spans that are not viable for steel. Using a saw with a circular blade, operators are able to cut through walls up to 24-inches thick, making it an ideal choice for construction demolition jobs. This type of project requires significant planning and careful execution by experienced operators in order to avoid unnecessary and potentially dangerous complications.

Some of the benefits of concrete wall cutting are: 

  • Less downtime;
  • Less noise, dust, and debris;
  • Precision cutting;
  • Limited-access cutting;
  • Maintains structural integrity.

As the construction industry continues to erect new structures and demolish old ones, there will be a corresponding need for concrete wall sawing. For safe, reliable concrete wall sawing, demolition, and removal services, the residents of greater Kansas City communities can count on the time-tested experts at Fine Cut USA. Every day, we combine decades of experience with the right equipment for the job. If you need concrete wall sawing for repairs, modifying existing structures, or performing a complete teardown, our operators will help you meet your critical deadlines while keeping a constant focus on efficiency and job site safety.

Fine Cut USA is experienced in the concrete wall sawing technique and our operators have the ability to work quickly to perform the required job of cutting windows and doors or demolishing concrete walls without interrupting the normal day-to-day business operations. Armed with the best equipment in the industry, and decades of experience working with concrete, Fine Cut USA has what it takes to tackle any concrete wall sawing job.

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