Concrete Wire Sawing and All You Need to Know

Concrete wire sawing is the ideal concrete cutting solution for structures that are too large or unwieldy for traditional saw cutting. Manual saws are frequently unable to complete complex tasks such as cutting through concrete structures, cross-sections, and other challenging objects—wire saws can help in those moments. Whether it be construction or commercial use, building or demolishing a structure, Fine Cut Concrete Drilling and Sawing LLC has got you covered!

Before you begin your next concrete cutting project, you need to decide whether concrete wire sawing is the fit for the job. Conventional saws will overheat while attempt to make the incisions you need, but concrete wire sawing will not encounter this same issue. A wire saw has a thin steel wire with diamond elements embedded that cut through hard materials via abrasion. Wires and pulleys are used to the guide the block to where the cut should be made, and water is supplied to keep the wire lubricated and prevent the system from overheating due to excessive friction. Concrete wire sawing is also environmentally friendly and keeps noise and pollution to a minimal. The water the saw uses to keep it cool helps keep the dust and particles to a minimum. Some common applications for concrete wire sawing are:

  • Steel encased concrete
  • Underwater cuts
  • Cutting depths beyond the scope of conventional tools
  • Large slabs of reinforced concrete
  • Machine bases
  • Plus, many more!

Fine Cut Concrete Drilling and Sawing LLC has nearly 20 years with the Kansas City area, and we have a greatly diverse clientele. We will provide professional, practical, flexible concrete wire cutting solutions. Servicing the greater Kansas City metro area, some locations in Arkansas, and now Tulsa, OK contact us today at (816) 540-5787 for all your concrete cutting or drilling needs! You can also visit our website and send us a message. We look forward to helping you accomplish what you need.