Concrete Wire Sawing Common for Cutting Thick Concrete

Fine Cuts Concrete Wire Sawing Cutting Thick Concrete 2018 img2Concrete wire sawing is commonly used for underwater cutting, cuts in restricted or remote areas, cuts that require minimal vibration, anchor door openings and cutting through depths which are beyond the reach of conventional tools. Concrete wire sawing is a technique that originated in the stone quarries of the past. Today, it is the ideal solution when a job requires thick concrete to be cut.

Concrete wire sawing is the most practical option and technique for cutting through structures and cross sections that are too large to be cut practically using any other method. Fine Cut’s concrete wire saws give the most precise cuts on ridges, beams, and piers when making openings in thick walls or removing concrete structures. Concrete wire sawing can also be referred to as diamond wire cutting. Fine Cut’s operators are able to cut through steel and heavily reinforced concrete.

A concrete wire saw consists of a multi-strand cable with diamond segments. The cable is threaded through a system of pulleys and is then consistently pulled back and forth through the concrete section. There are very few restrictions for concrete wire sawing. The concrete wire saws are capable of cutting through stone, cinder blocks, bricks, asphalt, concrete and structural concrete.

Versatility is a concrete wire saw’s greatest feature. Very often, materials are simply too strong, too large, or your work space is too confined, for a traditional concrete saw. In those cases, a diamond sawing wire is more than capable of completing the project.


Along with their versatility, concrete wire saws have other benefits, including:

  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Minimal vibration and noise
  • Performs consistently in challenging environments, such as underwater
  • Ability to cut any part in any direction

Typical applications for concrete wire cutting include:

  • Cutting Reinforced Concrete Cutting reinforced concrete over 24 inches in thickness
  • Wire Cutting Concrete tank removal
  • Wire Cutting Bridge pier modifications and removal
  • Wire Cutting Machine base modification and removal
  • Wire Cutting Hydro dam modifications
  • Wire Cutting Underground subway modifications
  • Wire Cutting Concrete pipe cutting
  • Wire Cutting Large diameter steel pipe cutting
  • Wire Cutting Foundation modifications

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