Concrete Wire Sawing Safely and Predictably Ensures Fresh Concrete Cures

Concrete-Wire-Sawing-Safely-and-Predictably-Ensures-Fresh-Concrete-Cures-blogConcrete wire sawing is one of the most common methods of ensuring that fresh concrete cures to a finish that is expected from professional operators. It is a technique that originated in stone quarries and is now commonly used for cutting in restricted or remote areas, underwater cutting, and anchor door openings. It is a method used for cuts that require minimal vibration and for cutting through depths where conventional tools are inadequate.

Essentially, concrete wire sawing is intended to prevent cracks from developing on concrete surfaces as it cures. In order to accomplish that, operators must focus on cutting control joints to relieve the shrinkage pressures that form as water evaporates out the surface of the concrete. This allows the concrete to pull away from itself without causing cracks and other structural damage.

However, creating control joints using the wire sawing method must be done within a specific window of time. If the cut is made while the concrete is too wet, it can cause ‘joint raveling.’ In other words, the inside edges of the joint will sag and begin to crumble. On the other hand, if the operator waits too long, it can result in overly-hardened concrete, which in turn can cause stress fractures and cracks. This is why operators must have a thorough understanding of concrete wire sawing dynamics and possess the crucial skills to ensure fresh concrete cures.

Fine Cut operators possess more than a basic understanding of concrete wire sawing, as well as other methods of concrete cutting. When it’s time for your company’s next concrete wire sawing project, contact the experts at Fine Cut USA to find out more about how we can get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

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