Concrete Wire Sawing Uses 

Concrete wire sawing is a cutting technique used in construction and demolition to make precise cuts in large concrete structures. This technique is beneficial for cutting through large, thick concrete structures where traditional saws may be impractical. Fine Cut Concrete Drilling and Sawing are the experts when you need concrete wire sawing done. 
Concrete wire sawing involves using a wire or cable embedded with industrial diamonds to cut through the concrete. A concrete wire saw consists of thin steel wire embedded with diamond segments. This tool cuts through hard materials using abrasion, with wires wrapped around a system of pulleys aligned to the direction of the cut. This system is fed water to keep the wire lubricated and prevent it from overheating due to extreme friction. Conventional diamond saw blades might not work for a project for several reasons: too large of a structure, too irregular of a shape, location too inaccessible, and so on. Some typical applications include: 
  • Large Concrete Structures 
  • Bridge Demolition and Modification 
  • Damaged Concrete Removal 
  • Controlled Demolition 
  • Reinforced Concrete Cutting 
  • Nuclear Decommissioning 
  • Tunneling and Mining 
  • Removal of Large Concrete Blocks 
  • Limited Access Areas 
  • Custom Shape Cutting 
Concrete wire sawing allows for precision cutting and can create openings of various shapes and sizes in concrete structures. This method is commonly employed in construction, demolition, and renovation projects where precise and controlled cutting is required. Concrete wire sawing offers several benefits and advantages, making it a valuable technique in various construction, renovation, and demolition projects. 
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