What is Concrete Wall Sawing?

Concrete wall sawing is a technique used for cutting openings in vertical or horizontal reinforced concrete structures, such as walls, floors, and ceilings. It involves using a circular blade mounted on a track system that allows for precise and controlled concrete cutting to create openings of various shapes and sizes. Fine Cut Drilling & Sawing, LLC, out of Kansas City, MO, Bentonville, AR, and Tulsa, OK, has established a foundation within the company that is based on loyalty and integrity with a dedicated work ethic and determination toward continued success. This means you – the client – receive the best concrete wall sawing work possible.
Concrete wall sawing utilizes a diamond blade on a track-mounted system. This system can make vertical and horizontal cuts in concrete and masonry structures. These wall saws run on hydraulic or electric power and are commonly called concrete track saws. Concrete wall sawing can be done up to 30 inches deep, on either side of a wall, for a total depth of 60 inches and can accommodate certain needed angles. This method is commonly employed in construction, renovation, and demolition projects where precise and clean cuts are required to accommodate doors, windows, ductwork, or other openings. The process of concrete wall sawing typically includes the following steps:
  • Marking the Cutting Area: The area to be cut is marked and prepared, ensuring that the cutting operation is carried out in the correct location and at the desired dimensions.
  • Setting up the Equipment: The wall saw, equipped with a circular diamond blade, is mounted on a track system and positioned securely on the concrete surface to be cut.
  • Making the Initial Cuts: The wall saw is activated, and the operator guides the blade along the predetermined cutting path. Water is often used to cool the blade and minimize dust production during the cutting process.
  • Removing the Concrete Sections: As the wall saw cuts through the concrete, the sections are typically removed, allowing for the creation of precise openings or separations in the structure.
Concrete wall sawing is particularly useful when precise and controlled cuts are required, such as installing doors, windows, or ventilation systems. It is also commonly used to create openings for staircases, elevator shafts, and other structural modifications. This method allows for the efficient and accurate removal of concrete sections while minimizing damage to the surrounding areas. Concrete wall sawing is known for its ability to handle horizontal and vertical surfaces, making it a versatile option for various construction and renovation projects. The precise and efficient nature of concrete wall sawing makes it an ideal choice for projects where accuracy, speed, and minimal disturbance to the surrounding environment are crucial factors.
Fine Cut Drilling and Sawing LLC has earned an outstanding reputation for consistency, reliability, and cost-effective solutions. Our team of professionals is committed to conducting our business with integrity and honesty, a solid work ethic, and providing high-quality services. First launching as a one-truck operation in March of 2002, Jim Ralston mentored alongside some of the biggest names in concrete cutting and launched his vision. Starting with only a handful of customers, it is now growing to one of the best-known concrete wall sawing businesses in the metro area. For more information about the concrete wall sawing services we provide in the Kansas City area, Bentonville, AR, or Tulsa, OK, contact us at (816) 540-5787. You can also request a quote online. We look forward to working with you on your next project.