Concrete Chain Sawing and What You Should Know

Concrete chain sawing is a task that should always be completed by a professionally trained operator using approved tools to keep the area safe. Fine Cut Concrete Drilling and Sawing, LLC covers a multitude of services to complete projects needing to cut or drill through concrete or other structures, concrete chain sawing is just one of these services used. With locations in Tulsa, OK and Kansas City, MO we have operators available in several areas in between to make sure your needs are fully met.

Concrete cutting techniques have advanced greatly over the years, using specialized tools and machinery to leave smooth attractive finishes on concrete, asphalt, brick, rock and even metal. It used to be lots of jackhammers and messes. Concrete chain sawing specializes trained operators to cut masonry and concrete structures without over cutting using handheld chain saws. With the use of handheld concrete chain sawing operators are able to make plunge cuts for creating joints, cutting holes for windows and doorways, cutting floor slabs, walls, retaining walls and much more. Concrete chain sawing requires a specialty saw to cut into concrete, piping and more. These saws contain diamond grit for strength and durability requires to cut through all the tough surfaces.

All our operators maintain proper safety by using personal protective equipment whenever they are concrete chain sawing. They frequently check the saws for damage, broken bumpers, or other necessary repairs that may be needed to be completely safe while operating. Operators are all trained to know what to do and not do safely with the chain saws as things like rapid push back and debris flyback could be potentially hazardous. Placements of piping and electrical wires are also important to be sure of before making any cuts.

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