Concrete Cutting Controlled Sawing, Drilling and Removal

Concrete Cutting Controlled Sawing, Drilling and Removal Fine CutConcrete cutting is performed by skilled operators in Branson, Columbia, Joplin, Jefferson City, St Joseph, and Springfield MO for cutting concrete and asphalt with precision and accuracy. Before today’s advanced methods, this method was reliant on using jackhammers to break up the concrete, leaving everything dusty and messy.

Modern concrete cutting techniques involve the use of specialized machinery to leave a smooth, attractive finish of concrete, asphalt, metal, and rock. To accommodate the various material types and strengths, operators in Kansas City, Lawrence, and Manhattan KS, use diamond blades, which cut more quickly with less dust and less water in order to create a smooth, sleek finish.

There are various methods of concrete cutting, such as:

  • Diamond saws are faster, more precise, and require fewer operators for cutting rebar and other metals. They are quieter and create less vibration than other saws.
  • Wall sawing is a process using circular blades on a track-mounted machine, which makes it possible for the saw to climb walls or cut ceilings between 16 and 36 inches thick.
  • Flat sawing is used for cutting concrete floors, bridge decks, and pavements, for hard-to-reach broken pipes or wiring beneath a concrete floor, or to fix highways, or cut plumbing trenches.
  • Core drilling is used for creating precise, circular holes for pipes, wires, ventilating, or air conditioning vents to fit through. Core drilling is a method that requires skill and precision.
  • Wire sawing is often used when no other method of cutting works and is especially beneficial for large concrete cutting jobs. Wire saws are made from a cable with tiny diamond segments put through pulleys attached to a hydraulic-powered drive.

Fine Cut USA is a high-standard commercial company that has skilled and experienced operators who apply modern strategies and tools, utilizing modernized techniques. When you need a reliable, established company in the Kansas City area, Fine Cut USA is a reliable concrete cutting business that customers in Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas have come to depend on. You reach us by calling 816-540-5787 or visit our website.

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