Concrete Hand Sawing; Best Uses

Concrete hand sawing is a versatile and efficient method of cutting through concrete and other masonry materials using handheld power saws equipped with diamond blades. Also known as cut-off saws, concrete hand sawing is often the go-to tool for most concrete cutting jobs. Fine Cut Concrete Drilling and Sawing LLC is here to help you. With our team of professional and knowledgeable workers, we’re sure to help you with any task you might need.
Concrete hand sawing offers several advantages and is suitable for various applications in construction, renovation, and maintenance projects. Here are some of the best uses for concrete hand sawing:
  • Controlled Demolition: Hand sawing is often used when precision is essential for controlled demolition. It allows workers to make precise cuts to remove sections of concrete, walls, or slabs while minimizing the impact on surrounding structures.
  • Door and Window Openings: When adding doors, windows, or other openings to existing concrete walls or slabs, hand sawing is a preferred method. It creates clean and accurate cuts, ensuring the new openings fit precisely.
  • Expansion Joints: In large concrete surfaces such as floors, expansion joints are needed to accommodate temperature-related expansion and contraction. Hand sawing is ideal for creating these straight, clean joints, which help prevent cracking and damage to the concrete.
  • Utility Installation: Hand sawing is commonly used to create openings in concrete for the installation of plumbing pipes, electrical conduits, HVAC ducts, and other utilities. The precision of hand sawing ensures that the cuts are made accurately and to the required dimensions.
  • Concrete Repairs: When damaged concrete sections need to be removed and replaced, hand sawing allows for the selective removal of the damaged area without affecting the surrounding structure.
  • Concrete Slab Removal: Hand sawing helps cut concrete slabs into manageable sections for removal, especially when access is limited and larger equipment cannot be used.
  • Decorative Concrete Work: Hand sawing can be used to create decorative patterns or designs on concrete surfaces, such as sidewalks, driveways, and floors, adding aesthetic value to the project.
  • Rescue and Emergency Operations: In emergencies such as earthquake response or rescue operations, hand sawing equipment can be used to cut through concrete and other materials to access trapped individuals or create escape routes.
  • Trenching: Hand sawing can be employed to create trenches in concrete surfaces for various purposes, such as installing drainage systems or routing cables.
  • Precision Cutting: Hand sawing is suitable for making precise cuts in concrete for various purposes, including creating notches, openings for ductwork, or preparing the surface for repairs or modifications.
The advantages of concrete hand sawing include its portability, ability to make precise cuts, minimal noise and vibration, reduced dust generation (compared to other cutting methods), and versatility for a wide range of applications. Fine Cut’s Kansas City and Tulsa locations utilize concrete hand sawing indoors in tight spaces and most all indoor projects. Concrete hand sawing is designed to create windows, doorways, mechanical openings, retaining walls, flush cuts, and more. 
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