Concrete Hand Sawing Can Be Used For Many Jobs

At Fine Cut, we use concrete hand sawing to cut block, concrete, pipes, manholes, hollow or filled brick, and more. We use hand saws indoors in tight spaces and for most inside projects. They are designed for creating windows, doorways, mechanical openings, retaining walls, concrete roof decks and flush cuts to existing floors and walls. We can even use them for demolition cutting. Our concrete hand sawing will cut through concrete, structural concrete, brick, cinder block, stone and asphalt.

Concrete hand sawing is ideal for jobs such as cutting relatively thin concrete floor, brick, block, concrete pipes and concrete walls. The hand-held powered saw provides portability, accessibility, and speed on sites, especially where there may be tight spaces to deal with. The maneuverability of smaller machines makes them versatile and capable of a wide variety of purposes.

Concrete hand sawing is used for cutting superficial or surface cuts on walls. It is for this reason that it is sometimes a preferred option on certain jobs, making it easier than using a traditional wall saw. It can also be the equipment of choice when cutting concrete or when time is limited.

Some of the advantages of concrete hand sawing include:

  • Portability – we can bring our concrete sawing equipment anywhere you need it
  • Speed and accessibility for your construction or demolition site
  • Precision concrete cutting and removal with minimal impact to your expensive machines

Concrete hand sawing is also perfect for:

  • Sawing concrete pipes to length
  • Opening space for electrical, plumbing, and other utilities in concrete floors and ceilings
  • Eliminating overcuts that happen with other types of concrete sawing
  • Precision trimming

Customers continue to choose Fine Cut for their distinguished reputation in the concrete drilling and sawing industry. Besides concrete hand sawing, other services Fine Cut provides are concrete core drilling, concrete slab sawing, concrete wall sawing and more.

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