Concrete Wall Sawing Takes the Cut

Concrete wall sawing, for any kind of concrete work, is a preferred method for cutting openings through concrete walls and masonry for use of HVAC venting, egress doors and windows, raised slab removal, and more. Fine Cut Drilling & Sawing, LLC out of Kansas City, MO, and Tulsa, OK has established a foundation within the company that is based on loyalty and integrity with a dedicated work ethic and determination toward continued success. This means you – the client – receive the best concrete wall sawing work possible.

To gain a perceptive on how you can benefit from concrete wall sawing you must first know the various purposes it serves. Also referred to as “track sawing,” it is an effective method of concrete sawing which can be applied to reinforced concrete walls and floors. It is a highly efficient and effective tool for many projects. When doing concrete wall sawing, the saw is equipped with a circular blade on a track-mounted machine that can climb walls and cut ceilings. The concrete wall saw is capable of cutting openings in concrete foundations, full wall removal, beams, columns, and flush cuts. Concrete wall sawing has been recognized by established contractors because of its overall efficiency and the cost-effectiveness of the operational system since it offers significant advantages over conventional concrete removal alternatives. Our operators are trained to cut both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Concrete wall sawing can be done up to 30 inches deep, on either side of a wall, for a total depth of 60 inches and can accommodate for certain angles that are needed. Some typical applications for concrete wall sawing include:

·         Smooth, straight finished openings in walls, ceilings, and floors
·         Flush cutting against a surface
·         Fixture ready, and accurately sized openings
·         Bevel cuttings for a chamfered edge
·         And more

For more information about the services we provide in Kansas City, Arkansas, or Tulsa give us a call at (816) 540-5787. We look forward to working with you.