Diamond Concrete Wire Sawing For Clean Precise Cuts

Fine Cut concrete wire saw in action blogConcrete wire sawing is an efficient process for cutting large portions of reinforced concrete, bridges, and steel structures and is ideal for precision cutting on stone, cinder blocks, bricks, and asphalt, for segmenting concrete, and removing large sections of structural concrete. Of note, diamond wire sawing gives operators more versatility, allowing them to work in confined spaces, sawing through any size of very strong structures, to depths beyond the reach of conventional saws.

Fine Cut’s jobs require planning, skilled engineering, and adaptive creativity, enabling operators to make precise cuts, using water to cool the cutting area, and minimizing any potential dust. Because of its adaptability and strength, concrete cutting has become an essential tool for projects that require segmenting concrete.  It is an ideal choice when clean circular openings need to be cut through concrete walls, ceilings, and floors. This technique employs the use of wires of different sizes and lengths to ensure precise cuts with minimal damage to the structure they are working on.

Fine Cut’s operators perform a range of innovative concrete cutting services for residential, commercial and industrial projects to a diverse customer base in Branson, Columbia, St Joseph, Springfield and Jefferson City, Missouri, as well as Lawrence, Manhattan, and Topeka, Kansas, and Bentonville and Fayetteville, Arkansas. Some of our more common demolition projects involve segmenting and removing difficult-to-cut materials from confined spaces. Other jobs we perform routinely include cutting and hauling large, reinforced concrete masses from piers, bridges, towers, dams, and other buildings. 

When you’re looking for consistency, reliability and cost-effectiveness, our concrete wire sawing services make us a leader in the industry. Our experienced operators excel in difficult projects involving steel-encased concrete or concrete-encased steel supports, concrete retaining walls, and reinforced rebar. Underwater concrete wire sawing enables precise cuts while maintaining structural integrity above and below the waterline for projects involving segmenting and removing hard-to-reach and hard-to-cut materials in all kinds of challenging conditions. Our operators stand ready for any concrete wire sawing project required, no matter how complex or how large.

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