Fine Cut's Safety First Concrete Chain Sawing

Safety Always Comes First With Concrete Chain Sawing And Fine Cut

December 18, 2018

When it comes to concrete chain sawing, Fine Cut’s team of operators are trained to cut masonry and concrete structures without over cuts with our hand-held concrete chain saws. With the use of concrete chain saws, we are able to make plunge-cuts for creating joints, windows and doorways, cut floor slabs, walls, retaining walls, concrete…

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Concrete Core Drilling should be done by professionals like Fine Cut.

For Concrete Core Drilling, Let A Professional Company Like Fine Cut Do The Job For You

October 17, 2018

Concrete Core Drilling is a construction service that utilizes a large drill to remove a cylinder of material or a core. After scanning the concrete with ground-penetrating radar, core drilling may be implemented wherever it is safe to do so. Concrete core drilling is a service that requires highly-skilled professionals who are well-versed in working…

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