Concrete Chain Sawing from the Professionals

Concrete chain sawing is done professionally by our team of operators, who are trained to cut masonry and concrete structures with hand-held concrete chain saws. Utilizing concrete chainsaws operators able to make plunge-cuts when creating joints, window entry’s, doorways, cutting floor slabs, walls, retaining walls, concrete roof decks, and even demolition cutting.
Diamond concrete chain sawing is a type of power hand sawing that allows for deeper, more controlled cuts for various jobs requiring power tools. Similar to a concrete cut-off saw, a concrete chainsaw is designed to dive nose-first into the concrete and has the ability to cut more than double the depth of a 14-inch cut-off saw, providing a deeper cut with no overcut. Concrete chain sawing also offers the ability to make openings as small as 4×4-inches, including unconventional shapes and sizes. Determining when to make cuts depends on many factors, things such as the concrete’s hardness, the type of cutting equipment used to make the cuts, and the type of concrete mixes and aggregate used. Weather conditions are a big consideration for knowing when to saw concrete. In the construction trade, concrete chain sawing is an everyday occurrence and requires skill and expertise that you can’t find just anywhere. Hiring a professional is key. 
Concrete cutting techniques have greatly advanced over the years, utilizing specialized tools and machinery to leave smooth, attractive, finishes on materials such as concrete, asphalt, brick, rock and even metal. This process used to involve lots of jackhammers and lots of messes. Now concrete chain sawing operators are able to make many different cuts with precision and accuracy, and far less mess. All our operators are required to maintain proper safety by using personal protective equipment whenever they are concrete chain sawing any material. They frequently check their saws for damage, broken bumpers, or other necessary repairs that might be needed to be completely safe while operating.
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