The Latest in Flake Epoxy Flooring for 2022

Flake epoxy flooring is one of the most decorative flooring systems on the market. Epoxy flooring has become popular with businesses and homeowners because it can enhance and transform the value of your space. Jim Ralston and his vision began after he mentored with and worked alongside some of the biggest names known in concrete cutting and has since expanded! Fine Cut Drilling and Sawing offers epoxy flooring services that could benefit you! 
Epoxy flooring is an affordable, customizable flooring that can be applied to bathrooms, garage floors, exterior patio areas, office, retail space, commercial kitchens and even walls since it is durable and sanitary. Concrete epoxy flooring is easy to clean and maintain and can be personalized with a variety of choices including solid color, design, or created with a textured look to match the vibes of any room. Sometimes epoxy flooring is the only choice you have when dealing with extremely damaged concrete that has many cracks and spalls. 
There are several options of ‘flakes’ within the epoxy flooring. Some of the most used options are vinyl color chips, but there is also the option of acrylic. Vinyl color chips have more benefits than acrylic which is why they are more commonly used. Some of these benefits include things like: vinyl lays flat, creating less space between and under the flakes, vinyl increases overall floor performance, protecting against gouges, scratches, and cracks and even has sound-deadening qualities – perfect for noisy shops and warehouses. There are two types of vinyl flake epoxy flooring applications: light broadcast and full broadcast. Decorative flake floor coatings can be dispersed into an epoxy flooring system at varying levels, allowing you to achieve the look you desire. 
The process of a vinyl flake epoxy flooring system is a multi-step procedure. The process looks something like this:
· Diamond Grinding: we always start by mechanically grinding the concrete floor to not only remove all dirt, grime, oil, and stains, but to also ensure proper adhesion of the epoxy flooring product.
· Concrete Floor Repair: once the concrete is back to a clean slab, we move onto repairing any cracks and holes on the floor and then smoothing them over. This task of sealing the flaws is essential for the structural integrity of your epoxy flooring.
· Primer, Base Coat and Flakes: when floor preparation is completed, we move onto applying a primer coat, basecoat, and broadcast the flake. We make sure the whole floor is well covered with the vinyl chip flakes.
· Scrape and Topcoat: When the basecoat is fully cured, we scrape off the excess flakes. Once all loose flakes are removed, we then seal the floor with a polyaspartic urethane clear topcoat. The topcoat will seal all gaps between the flakes and create the smooth floor surface. 
Fine Cut Drilling and Sawing has always had a mission to be a premier concrete cutting company that honors itself on quality, integrity, discipline, and loyalty to our customers and all who help us achieve our mission. We service the entire Kansas City metro area. If you could benefit from our epoxy flooring services, contact us today at (816) 540-5787 or visit our website to learn more. 
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