Concrete Slab Sawing Cuts Concrete To An Even, Flat Plane

Concrete slab sawing is the process that cuts the upper portion of existing concrete to an even, flat plane. This technique is used to level damaged pavement, provide control joints or lay underground wires and pipes. When it comes to slab on grade, structural decks, roadways and any other horizontal surface, Fine Cut’s slab saws do the job. Slab saws are powered by gas, diesel, electric and hydraulic.
Concrete slab sawing has been completed for university buildings, making way for a new staircase, bridge decks, docks and marine applications, roof top slab removal, airport runways, and power plants. Each of these types of structures presents a different set of challenges. Slab saws can be used indoors and outdoors.
Concrete Slab Sawing Cuts Concrete To An Even, Flat Plane Fine Cut USA
Horizontal street cut curb cuts allow for installations of new driveways, approaches, and handicap ramps. Concrete slab sawing will effectively open the curb with a street cut so you can gain access. The saw cuts curbs horizontally to the street from the street side without requiring a large amount of excavation on the back side. A new residential approach can be cut in less than one hour and includes tapered cuts on the ends.
Other common forms of asphalt cutting include sawing the perimeter of areas that need asphalt repair. This provides a clean edge to improve the appearance and effectiveness of the surface repair. Sometimes this includes sawing through multiple layers, including brick and/or concrete of older installations.
·Typical applications include cutting reinforced concrete floors, control joints, and trenching
·Cuts up to 24″ deep, with specialty cuts up to 27″
·Used for mechanical and electrical trenching
·Preparation for new footing installations in existing structures
·Preparation for new structural slab openings for stairways, elevators, mechanical penetrations, etc.
·Used in floor slab separation or building separations
·Saws range from 5 horsepower to 77 horsepower
·Used in road and bridge reconstruction
·Cutting of control joints in new concrete
·Runways and bridge deck reconstruction or repair
Fine Cut USA Concrete Slab Sawing Cuts Concrete To An Even Flat Plane
Fine Cut’s trained operators are equipped to cut through concrete, structural concrete, stone, brick, cinder block and asphalt.
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