Concrete Slab Sawing Cuts Horizontal Surfaces Quickly and Efficiently

Concrete Slab Sawing Cuts Horizontal Surfaces Quickly and Efficiently blogConcrete slab sawing, also known as flat sawing, is used in the construction industry for cutting concrete slabs, bridge decks, pavement, and other horizontal surfaces. It is a versatile, practical, and cost-efficient method that can be performed on both indoor and outdoor structures. Typically powered by gasoline, diesel, electric, or hydraulic engines, slab sawing is fast and quiet, with less impact on structural areas than other methods.

This is the method of choice by most contractors for leveling damaged pavement, providing control joints, or laying underground wires and pipes. At Fine Cut, our trained operators are equipped to cut through concrete, structural concrete, stone, brick, cinder block, and asphalt.

Every cutting and sawing project we perform presents its own unique set of challenges and our operators are skilled and experienced to take on even the most complicated jobs, no matter how big or small the job while staying on time and on budget.  At Fine Cut, we pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective concrete slab sawing and cutting solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations time and again.

For cutting through reinforced concrete floors, cutting expansion and control joints, and cutting sidewalks, concrete slab sawing makes quick work of the job. Other common uses for Fine Cut’s slab sawing division include:

  • Cutting plumbing and electrical trenches in slabs
  • Construction of structural foundations
  • Road and street repairs
  • Residential and commercial improvements
  • Broken water pipes and sewer line repair
  • Highway patching

When your project calls for a quick, efficient, and economical concrete cutting solution, our conscientious operators are meticulous at preserving the integrity of surrounding structures. Our concrete slab sawing results in precise, efficient, and accurate cuts. For many construction projects, concrete slab sawing is the quickest solution for concrete removal projects.

Fine Cut Concrete Drilling and Sawing, LLC, began as a one-truck operation in 2002 by Jim Ralston. In 2016, Clay Kohler expanded by remodeling the company’s vision and long-term goals and Jim and Clay joined efforts to make Fine Cut the company for contractors and homeowners to rely on.

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