Concrete Wall Sawing Can Be Used To Cut Through Thick Concrete

When it comes to cutting windows, doorways, elevator shaft openings, crawl spaces, retaining walls, HVAC openings and even demolition cutting, Fine Cut’s concrete wall sawing will do the job.

Fine Cut’s operators are trained to cut vertical and horizontal surfaces. They cut through stone, cinder block, brick, concrete, structural concrete and asphalt. The saw is equipped with a circular blade on a track-mounted machine that can climb walls and cut ceilings. The wall saw is capable of cutting openings in concrete foundations, full wall removal, beams, columns and flush cuts.

The term ‘concrete wall sawing’ denotes the cutting of walls such as: concrete walls, pits, or areas that cannot be cut or accessed by other conventional flat cutting equipment. The equipment consists of a hydraulic, air or electric motor on a frame that is attached to a track that has been mounted on a surface.

Concrete Wall Sawing Can Be Used To Cut Through Thick Concrete

The concrete wall sawing technique calls for a circular blade on a track-mounted machine. This machine is capable of operating on vertical walls, steep inclines, or on floors. It is also suitable in circumstances not suited to flat saws.

If a homeowner or business wants to cut through a concrete wall, Fine Cut can do it with concrete wall sawing. The employee uses a hammer drill to drill and bolt two parallel metal rails to the concrete wall. Next comes the concrete wall sawing, in which the saw attaches to each rail and is slowly moved up and down the rails. Each time the saw makes a full pass up and down, the employee increases the depth of the saw blade so it will eventually cut through a concrete wall.

Customers continue to choose Fine Cut for their distinguished reputation in the concrete drilling and sawing industry. For more information about concrete wall sawing, call (816) 540-5787 or email