Concrete Wire Sawing Is Quiet, Clean, And Capable of Many Projects

Very often, materials are simply too strong or too large for a traditional concrete saw – in these cases, concrete wire sawing is more than capable of completing the project. Due to its diamond cutting edge, the concrete wire saw is ideal for segmenting or removing large chunks of reinforced concrete that other saws simply can’t manage. There are many benefits to concrete wire sawing.

Unlike traditional saws, concrete sawing produces little to no noise at all while in use. Concrete wire saws also have the ability to cut concrete without producing any vibration and a minimal amount of dust. This is beneficial to our employees, who do not have to inhale any dust, and can cut precisely because of no vibration making their hands shake.

Fine Cut concrete wire sawing is quiet and efficient.

Fine Cut concrete wire sawing is quiet and efficient.

For underwater concrete wire sawing, technology is capable of adapting to meet every contingency while delivering precise cuts and maintaining structural integrity in the complex conditions of the marine environment. Concrete wire saw capabilities and reliability above and below waterline means there is precision concrete and metal cutting needs on wharf dismantling and modification projects. Technicians using a concrete wire saw can successfully cut and dismantle mooring dolphins in large sections utilizing the concrete wire saw.

Concrete wire saws also excel in difficult projects involving: steel-encased concrete or concrete-encased steel supports, concrete retaining walls, and reinforced rebar. Many projects involve segmenting and removing all manner of difficult-to-cut materials from hard-to-reach places. When it comes to cutting and hauling large, reinforced concrete masses from piers, bridges, towers, dams, and other buildings, concrete wire sawing can do the job.

Concrete wire sawing can be done in steel, concrete and other building materials. Fine Cut can reach into the tightest spots and can use concrete wire sawing for all kinds of openings with exact corners.

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