Concrete Wall Sawing Precision Cutting For Construction Projects

Concrete Wall Sawing Precision Cutting For Construction Projects Fine Cut USAConcrete wall sawing, when it comes to any kind of concrete construction, is utilized for creating openings through concrete walls and masonry for egress doors and windows, demolition openings, raised slab removal, HVAC venting, and more. Either hydraulic or electric track-mounted diamond-blade saws are used for horizontal and vertical concrete wall sawing. There are both wet cut and dry cut saws, with operators choosing whichever one is most suitable for the particular job. 

The primary consideration for concrete wall sawing is the wall depth, and in most cases, the saws can cut up to 30-inches deep; however, when cutting from either side of the wall, operators can effectively cut up to 60-inches in depth. Whether cutting out doorways, windows, or any other openings, concrete wall sawing allows for smooth, clean lines in the exact dimensions needed.

Because concrete saws are track-run, they are ideal for making precision cuts within clearly defined dimensions. Track-mounted concrete wall sawing delivers straight cuts in a fraction of the time and with better results than manual sawing methods. This technique works equally as well on horizontal surfaces, like floors, as it does on vertical surfaces, and also works well on large rocks and natural stone.  

Concrete saws are used for both wet and dry concrete wall sawing. Dry sawing is used when a water supply is not needed to keep the blade moving. The downside of using a dry saw is that it produces a lot of dust. Wet saws, on the other hand, rely on water directed at the area that is being cut. When water mixes with the concrete dust as it runs off from the surface being sawed, it takes the dust with it, preventing it from being released into the air. Wet saws also keep the diamond blade cool and prevent overheating.

Whenever you need professional concrete cutting in the greater Kansas City metro, Fine Cut provides industrial, commercial or residential concrete wall sawing, with removal if needed. Each project is supervised and carried out by our team of experienced professionals using all the necessary equipment required, including electric/hydraulic saws for indoor work with limited space. Further, we work on all types of terrains and surfaces, whether it’s vertical walls, steep inclines, or flat floors. For smaller residential needs we are experts in creating openings for doorways and windows through concrete and masonry.

At Fine Cut, we focus on providing quality sawing and cutting services. Our reliable, competent work on large commercial/industrial jobs have made us one of the more trusted companies in the Kansas City metro. We have been meeting client demands with consistent, reliable, and cost-effective concrete wall sawing for years, and we’re proud of our team of professional operators and their dedication and commitment to performing superior work.

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