Diamond Concrete Chain Sawing Operator’s Choice For Precision Cutting

Diamond Concrete Chain Sawing Operator’s Choice For Precision Cutting Fine Cut USADiamond concrete chain sawing is used effectively in many commercial and industrial applications for making straight and plunge cuts in hard, abrasive materials such as masonry, cured concrete, and rock. The graded industrial diamond particles embedded in the chain allows for deeper cuts than handheld concrete saws and is the preferred method for many demolition and construction jobs.

A diamond chainsaw is a tool designed like a wood-cutting chainsaw with a powerhead, guide bar and chain, which is driven by a sprocket from the powerhead around the guide bar. The chain on a diamond chainsaw incorporates diamond segments that are laser welded to the chain in place of the cutting teeth typical with a wood saw. The diamond segments, like on a traditional circular diamond blade, essentially create a grinding action that wears away concrete, bricks, rocks and other aggregates. The grinding action creates a very safe concrete chain sawing operation with no kickback.

FINE CUT USA Diamond Concrete Chain Sawing Operator’s Choice For Precision CuttingWhen concrete chain sawing cement and stone fine particle dust is created out of the aggregate, which settles on the saw chain and its components. Also, it generates very high heat that causes the dust particles to accumulate in between the engaging parts, which over a relatively short period of time begins to wear out the chain. However, this can be resolved by directing water to flush away the aggregate dust and reduce the heat.  

Diamond concrete chain sawing enables operators to plunge the saw nose-first into the material to make cuts more than twice as deep as a 14-inch circular blade. The smallest gas saw allows a full 10-inch deep cut and depending on the saw model, there are gas saws that can cut to a full 16-inch depth. However, a gas saw with a 12-inch depth of cut is the most common on job sites.

There are hydraulic diamond chainsaws that can cut to a 25-inch depth, which is a better option for more significant chain saw cutting jobs. Because a diamond concrete chain sawing uses a guide bar with a long narrow flat surface, the saw can provide a deeper cut with no overcut, allowing the operator to make square corners, which is not possible with a circular blade. Diamond chainsaws not only cut deeper with no overcuts but they can be used to make openings as small as 4 inches by 4 inches, the cutting depth of the bar, and are also useful in creating irregular-shaped cuts.

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