Concrete Wall Sawing Uses Unique Skills For Precise Applications

Fine Cut Concrete Wall Sawing Precise Applications interiorsConcrete wall sawing requires precision cutting on vertical and horizontal surfaces such as doorways, HVAC openings and ceilings. Skilled concrete cutting is an important service in both commercial and residential construction, especially at this time of year. Making changes to a building is one of the most frequent uses for concrete wall sawing. Because of the unique skills required for this type of work, it’s recommended you hire a professional crew who knows what they’re doing.

fine cut concrete wall sawing kansas city missouri unique precision wall cuttingMany Kansas City homeowners are busy planning home additions and making changes to their home’s design. Renovating and remodeling often involves adding more doors and creating new window openings, which can be accomplished through concrete wall sawing. Basements, concrete and masonry foundations need to be cut through in order to add these and other entry points. Old walls may need to come down or retaining walls may need to be removed. Some renovation projects involve lowering the foundation elevation of the home, which requires cutting out the existing concrete work completely. These are all jobs that require precise, skilled concrete wall sawing. 

The most common methods of cutting concrete are wall sawing, core drilling and slab or flat sawing. The skilled operators at Fine Cut use all of the specialized tools and equipment of the trade for cutting through stone, cinder block, brick, concrete, structural concrete and asphalt. For example, for projects that require controlled concrete sawing, we use special saws with diamond impregnated blades that leave a smooth, attractive finish without creating a lot of dust. 

Fine Cut Concrete Wall Sawing Precise Applications doorwaysFine Cut provides industrial, commercial or residential concrete wall sawing and cutting services, with removal if needed, supervised and carried out by our team of experienced professionals. We have all the necessary equipment to fit the cutting needs of our customers, including electric/hydraulic saws for indoor work with limited space. Further, we work on all types of terrains and surfaces, whether it’s vertical walls, steep inclines, or flat floors. For smaller residential needs we are experts in creating openings for doorways and windows through concrete.

We focus on quality sawing and cutting and are proud of our exemplary customer service on every job. Our reliable, competent work on large commercial/industrial jobs have made us one of the more trusted concrete wall sawing companies in the Kansas City metro. 

We know that every project has its needs and demands and we strive to schedule you as soon and conveniently as possible. Our professional team puts forth every effort to arrive at the project on time and be prepared with all necessary equipment to get the job done in a timely manner. Contact Fine Cut when you need precision concrete sawing by calling (816) 540-5787.