Concrete Core Drilling Cuts Clean, Circular Holes In Concrete And Other Types Of Material

Concrete core drilling is the process of drilling clean, circular holes in a concrete surface and is one of the most effective ways to create openings for plumbing, HVAC, electrical and sprinkler systems. Fine Cut can drill holes of various sizes in diameter. Regardless of the area, trained operators can core drill inside and outside.
Core drilling isn’t limited to just concrete. Fine Cut can core drill through structural concrete, asphalt, stone, brick and cinder block. Our team can core drill floors, ceilings, walls, floor and roof drains, sewer drains, phone, electrical, cable and fiber optic openings. We core drill for pipe bollard installation, handrail and anchor holes and even fireplace exhaust systems.
The reason concrete drilling is in such high demand is because it provides ready solutions for many common construction problems, such as:
· Runway and taxiway lighting
· Nuclear decommissioning
· HVAC piping and ductwork
· Manholes
· Dowel drilling
· Culverts
· Testing services
Often times, concrete core drilling services have a goal of gathering samples of whatever was removed. These core samples will be broken down to see that the guidelines for the strength of the concrete are being met.
Concrete Core Drilling Cuts Clean, Circular Holes In Concrete And Other Types Of Material Fine Cut
It’s important to have all sorts of different core sizes available to you. It will depend on the size of the hole you have to make. Sometimes, making a hole just a few inches wide is ideal. Other times, however, you may need a hole as large as three feet wide.  Our experts at Fine Cut know how to get the job done with whatever size you need, using the best tools required for the job.
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· Residential Construction
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· Food and Agriculture
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