Concrete Wire Sawing and Demolition for Commercial and Industrial Use

Fine Cut Concrete Wire Sawing and Demolition for Commercial and Industrial UseConcrete wire sawing is commonly used for making cuts that require minimal vibration, cuts that are beyond the reach of conventional tools, in restricted or remote areas, anchor door openings, and underwater cuts. This method of cutting uses diamond-laced cables on pulleys that push or pull the wire through the concrete while being cooled down by a continuous water supply.

Operators can apply concrete wire sawing at any diameter, cutting around large concrete pipes, oversized columns, bridge sections, and piers at any angle. This method of concrete cutting allows operators to cut through almost any structure in any environment. Fine Cut’s operators excel at difficult projects involving steel-encased concrete or concrete-encased steel supports, concrete retaining walls, and reinforced rebar. Underwater concrete wire sawing enables precise cuts while maintaining structural integrity above and below the waterline for projects involving segmenting and removing hard-to-reach and hard-to-cut materials in all kinds of challenging conditions. 

Our decades of combined experience have accomplished some of the most complex projects in the areas that we serve. Fine Cut USA is an industry leader in the concrete cutting industry throughout the greater Kansas City metro. Our multiple-state service area covers the Kansas cities of Lawrence, Manhattan, and Topeka, as well as Branson, Columbia, Joplin, St Joseph, Springfield and Jefferson City in Missouri, and Bentonville and Fayetteville, Arkansas.

For your concrete wire sawing, slab sawing, coring and drilling, hand sawing and chainsawing, and structural demolition needs, you can rely on our competent, experienced, and efficient concrete cutting services. Concrete wire sawing is often the best solution when concrete is damaged, and Fine Cut responds quickly for jobs requiring the removal of damaged concrete. When a difficult, large project requires completion, our skilled concrete cutting services are the logical choice. Our competent team is prepared to meet every challenge with professionalism and a level of expertise that is unmatched anywhere.

Fine Cut Concrete Drilling and Sawing, LLC