Concrete Wire Sawing: Good for Any Occasion  

An advantage of concrete wire sawing is the capability to cut through concrete at any depth. When removing large amounts of concrete while keeping structural integrity – concrete wire sawing is recommended. Fine Cut Drilling and Sawing, LLC can ensure that your concrete cutting service is done professionally, and correctly (and safely).

A versatile and effective method of concrete sawing is concrete wire sawing. This type of sawing works where most traditional saws won’t! If you find yourself needing to cut through cross-sections, concrete structures, or complex objects that most manual saws cannot get to safely – concrete wire sawing can save the day. These wire saws consist of a thin steel wire with diamond embedded segments that cut through hard materials via abrasion. These diamond embedded wires are threaded throughout a system of pulleys that align with the direction of the cut needing to be made. Water is fed across this entire system to keep it from overheating.

Some benefits to concrete wire sawing are:

  • Cleaner areas during construction. Since the machinery uses water to keep it cool, this also keeps dust from building up.
  • Deeper cuts. Most traditional saws have a limited reach, but concrete wire sawing offers an unlimited range.
  • Precision cutting. A wire is narrower than ring saws, thus it will be a more precise cut, and they will always be the right size and in the right location
  • Quiet! Wire saws have minimal vibrations, so they are much quieter than other construction equipment
  • And much more!

Our customers vary from private to commercial industries, even some residential homeowners! Whether we’re doing something demolition, repairing a highway, or anything else that may be asked of us, Fine Cut USA will provide professional, practical, flexible concrete wire cutting solutions. Servicing the greater Kansas City metro area, some locations in Arkansas, and now Tulsa, OK contact us today online or at (816) 540-5787 for all your concrete cutting or drilling needs!