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Concrete Wire Sawing is Flexible, Powerful and Gets the Job Done Right

February 11, 2021

Our premium-quality diamond concrete wire sawing enables operators to complete even the most complex jobs quickly with great results. This innovative technique is used for more challenging jobs where traditional saws don’t work. Using a modular pulley system, the design of a diamond saw can be adapted for a wide range of applications to virtually…

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Fine Cut Concrete Wire Sawing Operators Handle The Most Challenging Jobs

Concrete Wire Sawing Operators Handle The Most Challenging Jobs       

October 22, 2020

Concrete wire sawing is used for many construction-related jobs where a traditional chain saw is ineffective. Chain saws with steel plated wire impregnated with small cutting diamonds are looped onto the cutting plane, which makes concrete wire sawing a better option for use on structures that are too thick or too large for conventional cutting…

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