Concrete Wire Sawing Operators Handle The Most Challenging Jobs       

Fine Cut Concrete Wire Sawing Operators Handle The Most Challenging JobsConcrete wire sawing is used for many construction-related jobs where a traditional chain saw is ineffective. Chain saws with steel plated wire impregnated with small cutting diamonds are looped onto the cutting plane, which makes concrete wire sawing a better option for use on structures that are too thick or too large for conventional cutting means. Diamond wires and other diamond cutting tools use synthetic, lab manufactured diamonds as the super hard material which cuts the intended object through abrasion. The shape, size, and quality of the diamond are all factors in the performance and in determining which is best for an application.

Importantly, diamond wire cutting gives operators more versatility, allowing them to tackle jobs in confined spaces, and to saw through very strong structures of any size, and to a depth that is beyond the reach of conventional saws. It is also ideal for precision cutting on stone, cinder blocks, bricks, and asphalt, for segmenting concrete and removing large sections of structural concrete.

Many of Fine Cut’s projects involve concrete wire sawing for industries around the greater Kansas City metro. With careful planning, skilled engineering, and adaptive creativity, concrete wire sawing enables operators to make multiple cuts simultaneously, reducing cutting time. As a necessary part of the process, water is used to keep the cutting location cooled and to minimize any potential dust. Because of its adaptability and strength, this method of concrete cutting has become an indispensable tool for projects that require segmenting concrete.  

Fine Cut’s operators excel in difficult projects involving steel-encased concrete or concrete-encased steel supports, concrete retaining walls, and reinforced rebar. Underwater concrete wire sawing enables precise cuts while maintaining structural integrity above and below the waterline for projects involving segmenting and removing hard-to-reach and hard-to-cut materials in all kinds of challenging conditions. 

The team of operators at Fine Cut Core is experienced and highly skilled at meeting the needs of customers in a wide range of commercial and residential construction projects, many of which involve removing reinforced concrete from underwater piers and bridges, elevated buildings, and roadways. Our competent team is prepared to meet every challenge with professionalism and a level of expertise that is unmatched anywhere in the Kansas City metro area.

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