Concrete Wire Sawing With Fine Cut Gives The Most Precise Cuts On Projects

Concrete wire sawing is commonly used for underwater cutting, cuts in restricted or remote areas, cuts that require minimal vibration, anchor door openings and cutting through depths which are beyond the reach of conventional tools.

Fine Cut’s concrete wire saws give the most precise cuts on ridges, beams and piers when it comes to making openings in thick walls or removing large concrete structures. Concrete wire sawing can also be referred to as diamond wire cutting. Fine Cut’s professional operators are able to cut through steel and heavily reinforced concrete.

The concrete wire saws are capable of cutting through stone, cinder blocks, bricks, asphalt, concrete and structural concrete.

Concrete wire sawing can be used many ways by Fine Cut.

Consider concrete wire sawing if you want to eliminate disruptions, reduce line downtime and minimize cost on your concrete sawing projects. Here are some of the reasons to use Fine Cut for concrete wire sawing projects:

  • Remove concrete bridges, foundations, underwater bridge pilings, and more
  • Demolish massive buildings, bridges, or almost anything large constructed of concrete
  • Ideal for industrial and heavy civil applications, especially in live production facilities or in areas where there is restricted access
  • Produces low vibration, noise, and dust, enabling controlled demolition in busy traffic, sensitive and occupied areas, and where trades, line operations and production facilities must continue to work without interruption
  • Cuts through nearly unlimited wall thicknesses
  • Cuts metal and thick, heavily reinforced concrete to your exact specifications
  • Offers the highest flexibility with the positioning of the machine
  • Works well when you have a limited amount of space

Fine Cut Concrete Drilling and Sawing, LLC was founded by Jim Ralston. Jim Ralston and his vision began after he mentored with and worked alongside some of the biggest names known in concrete cutting. A dedicated work ethic and determination drove the business toward its continued success. Fine Cut Concrete Drilling and Sawing, LLC first launched as a one truck operation in March 2002.

Fine Cut also offers services like concrete slab sawing, concrete core drilling, concrete wall sawing, and more. For more information about Fine Cut and the many services they provide, call (816) 540-5787.