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Concrete Wall Sawing for Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces

January 13, 2022

Concrete wall sawing is a critical step for opening a spot on a wall to create new doorways, windows, or an HVAC unit. Wall saws are also commonly referred to as track saws and typically run on hydraulic or electric power. The wall saw utilizes a diamond blade on a track-mounted system, which allows for…

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Quality Concrete Wall Sawing Maintains Structural Integrity

November 24, 2021

Concrete wall sawing is excellent for making clean flush cuts to adjacent structures or objects. Using a smaller portable saw motor attached to a track-mounted system that is remote-controlled, this application allows Fine Cut USA’s experienced operators to safely make precise horizontal and vertical cuts at any angle for cutting walls up to 30 inches…

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fine cut Concrete Wall Sawing Involves Specialized Techniques

Concrete Wall Sawing Involves Specialized Techniques

June 10, 2021

Concrete wall sawing, when it comes to any kind of concrete construction, is a preferred method of operators for cutting openings through concrete walls and masonry, HVAC venting, egress doors and windows, raised slab removal, and more. It may also be applied for sectioning concrete, brick, and stone, and in demolition work. Also known as…

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