Concrete Slab Sawing for Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas Construction Projects

Concrete Slab Sawing for Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas Construction Projects Fine Cut USAConcrete slab sawing is one of three common methods of cutting concrete on major construction projects to make openings for new windows or cut through floors to install pipes. Importantly, operators must employ specialized tools for precise, efficient, and accurate concrete slab sawing, because it can be dangerous unless someone has the expertise to operate the saws correctly.

Construction contractors use several different methods for cutting concrete, and the right method for the job depends on how thick the concrete slab is as well as the size and scope of the job. When it comes to slab on grade, structural decks, roadways, and any other horizontal surface, concrete slab saws get the job done. 

Slab saws are typically used to remove sections of factory or warehouse concrete flooring, cutting for trenches to run electrical, plumbing pipes, or data lines, removal of damaged patios, concrete or asphalt driveways, basement floors, creating expansion and control joints, creating openings for staircases, elevators, and ductwork, cleaning and repairing random cracks in concrete, and to plunge cut into walls.

This method of sawing is effective for eliminating the dust and vibration that comes with breaking up concrete and can allow clean pieces to be cut, instead of irregularly shaped pieces that are created by using a breaker. And when your project calls for a quick, efficient, and economical concrete cutting solution, our conscientious operators are meticulous at preserving the integrity of surrounding structures.

Fine Cut USA has the right equipment to achieve optimum concrete slab sawing performance, even through heavily reinforced concrete. Our diamond saws, powered by diesel, gasoline, electric, or hydraulics, will work in any environment. Our established customer base is wide and varied, from the Kansas City metro area to Springfield, Missouri, Bentonville, Arkansas, and Manhattan, Kansas and beyond.

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