Concrete Wire Sawing Can Get The Toughest Job Done

Concrete wire sawing, commonly referred to as diamond wire cutting, makes the most precise cuts when it comes to making openings in thick walls or removing large concrete structures. It is used to make cuts in restricted or remote areas and through depths that are beyond the reach of conventional tools.  Examples would be underwater cutting and cuts that require minimal vibration.

Some concrete sawing jobs require an over-the-top creativity to solve a difficult problem. The wire saw is perfect for jobs where traditional saws can not get the job done.  Whether it’s extra-large cross sections, demolition of a large structure like a pier, dock, column, tower, or bulkhead is the wire saw will save the day. 

Concrete Wire Sawing Used For Cutting Through Structures

The method of concrete sawing originated in stone quarries, but Fine Cut takes it to a whole new level when applying it to the world of heavy construction.  Through precise expertise, our highly trained, specialized operators carefully maneuver the wire saw allowing large sections of concrete to be removed quickly and efficiently.  This technique can even be used when a job must be done immediately. The wire saw is the ideal solution when there is not time to assemble and transport the typical, cumbersome saws used on most projects. When there can be no delay, the wire saw’s advantages of speed and efficiency make it the go-to choice. Whether the section is too big for a standard saw, or the space too limited on-site, sometimes a large saw just cannot get the job done.

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