Diamond Concrete Wall Sawing Ensures Efficiency and Precision

Diamond Concrete Wall Sawing Ensures Efficiency and Precision Fine Cut

Concrete wall sawing is an innovative system that employs a circular diamond blade which allows for precise cuts in any concrete or masonry structure. It is a track-mounted system that is attached to horizontal walls or steep inclines that prohibit the use of flat saws. While this method can also be used on horizontal surfaces, it is typically used on vertical surfaces for cutting straight, smooth-finished openings in walls, ceilings and floors to create new doorways, windows or HVAC openings.

The advantages and resultant benefits of concrete wall sawing to established contractors have affected dramatic changes due to its overall efficiency and the cost-effectiveness when compared to conventional concrete removal alternatives. Whether the job involves cutting conventional materials, inverted or flush-cut, concrete wall sawing can be used in the majority of situations. Some of the benefits of this method of wall cutting include: 

  • Reduction in downtime;

  • Reduction in noise, dust, and debris;

  • Precision cutting process;

  • Cuts heavily-reinforced concrete;

  • Maintains structural integrity;

  • Limited-access cutting

For any project that requires accurately sized, fixture-ready openings, bevel cutting or flush cutting against the surface, the versatility of concrete wall sawing is the optimal choice. Generally, it can cut just about anything that a track saw can be mounted to, and it doesn’t always have to be a flat surface mount. Smaller diamond-tipped blades can be used for a guaranteed straight cut, with blades as large as 72 inches in diameter for deeper cuts. Concrete wall sawing can also be performed from both sides of the wall for a total depth of up to 60 inches. Further, wall sawing can be used to cut inside a circle, remove staircases or trim the width of stairs, and also can accommodate cutting specific angles when the opening requires it.

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