Precise Concrete Core Drilling For The Construction Industry

Fine Cut Precise Concrete Core Drilling For The Construction Industry blogConcrete core drilling is a basic service offered by most concrete-cutting companies because it is a fast, accurate and clean way to create perfectly rounded openings through steel-reinforced concrete, pre-cast concrete, asphalt, masonry, metal, or stone. Concrete core drilling is a necessity when you need precise, circular cuts.

The construction industry is increasing with America’s growing population, which directly impacts providers of concrete core drilling everywhere. In recent times, core drilling has been required for application in many new construction projects in Kansas City. Further, core drilling for renovations and repairs of existing structures, such as multi-family housing units, are also increasing around Kansas City. This is a smart decision by building contractors who want to save on labor costs and ensure structural stability.

At Fine Cut, our operators have extensive experience providing efficient core drilling services in residential, commercial and industrial facilities throughout the Midwest. We have the knowledge and skills needed for indoor cutting projects, which is often more difficult than it is outdoors because of the confined space. In tight spaces, core drilling enables operators to execute precise, accurate cuts through concrete walls for installing electrical or plumbing lines, HVAC systems, communication cabling, and more. We can drill a single hole or multiple holes at any angle without affecting the aesthetic appearance of the walls or roof.

When it comes to drilling concrete, look no further than Fine Cut. Our fleet of experts and adaptable core-drilling equipment, as well as our history of achievement, sets us apart from others in the industry. Not to mention our tidy work ethic on the job! No matter how challenging the circumstances, we handle even the toughest construction jobs utilizing the safest and most efficient techniques available in the industry. Fine Cut’s flexibility, technology and dedicated staff have enabled us to provide concrete core drilling solutions to clients throughout the metro.

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