Fine Cut Concrete Slab Sawing Gets the Job Done on Concrete

Concrete slab sawing is a process that cuts the upper portion of concrete to an even, flat plane. Fine Cut Concrete Drilling & Sawing, LLC, uses concrete slab sawing to level damaged pavement, provide control joints, or lay underground wires and pipes. Fine Cut always gets the job done when doing concrete slab sawing.

When it comes to slab on grade, structural decks, roadways and any other horizontal surface, concrete slab sawing always do the job. Slab saws are powered by gas, diesel, electric, and hydraulic. Fine Cut’s trained operators are equipped to cut through concrete, structural concrete, stone, brick, cinder block, and asphalt.

Fine Cut Concrete Drilling and Sawing, LLC, was founded by Jim Ralston. Jim grew up in Pleasant Hill, and has lived there for most of his life. After graduating from high school, Jim worked for a local concrete company, pouring basements. With concrete in his blood, he expanded on the trade in the Kansas City area in the field of concrete drilling and slab sawing.

concrete slab sawingWith concrete slab sawing, diesel powered and hydraulic-powered slab saws can cut inside or outside through concrete, asphalt, and block pavements. They can cut from control joints up to 18 inches thick. Concrete slab sawing may be required to cut an opening for a new staircase, or to remove a section of damaged concrete. Concrete slab sawing is also effective for creating expansion joints in pavement or bridge deck joints.

Besides concrete slab sawing, Fine Cut Concrete Drilling and Sawing, LLC, offers many other services like concrete core drilling, concrete wall sawing, concrete wire sawing, concrete hand sawing, and concrete chain sawing. Our customers continue to choose Fine Cut for our distinguished reputation in the concrete and sawing industry.

Fine Cut Concrete Drilling and Sawing, LLC, is located at 19415 S. State, Route 7, Pleasant Hill, Missouri. Call us at (816) 540-5787 or email


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