Quality Concrete Wall Sawing Maintains Structural Integrity

Fine Cut Quality Concrete WAll Sawing Kansas City blogConcrete wall sawing is excellent for making clean flush cuts to adjacent structures or objects. Using a smaller portable saw motor attached to a track-mounted system that is remote-controlled, this application allows Fine Cut USA’s experienced operators to safely make precise horizontal and vertical cuts at any angle for cutting walls up to 30 inches thick and shallow enough for plumbing and electrical purposes. With remote operation by our experts, the low vibrations make the removal of concrete material completely safe.

Many construction companies utilize concrete wall sawing for cutting openings in concrete foundations, full wall removal, cutting through beams and columns, and making flush cuts. This method is routinely used to remove damaged concrete because it offers high strength in compression and is especially beneficial for covering long spans that are not viable for steel. Further, it is ideal for removing existing walls, modifying buildings and other structures, creating elevator openings, HVAC work, enlarging doors and windows, and floor slab openings in confined spaces where a slab saw won’t work.

When it comes to any kind of concrete construction, concrete wall sawing is a preferred method of operators sectioning concrete, brick, and stone, and in demolition work. Some of the benefits are: 

  • Less downtime.
  • Less noise, dust, and debris.
  • Precision cutting.
  • Limited access cutting;
  • Maintains structural integrity.

Importantly, Fine Cut’s experienced operators, prior to starting any concrete wall sawing project, take the appropriate precautions to prepare the work area, eliminating any potential hazards while keeping a constant focus on efficiency and job site safety.

Concrete wall sawing is frequently required by commercial and industrial construction contractors for demolition and other cutting projects. When you need wall sawing for repairs, modifying existing structures, or performing a complete teardown, a skilled operation can be set up at practically any location and perform the job without interrupting normal day-to-day business operations.   VIDEO

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