Concrete Core Drilling Utilizes Diamond Drills for a Wide Range of Projects

Fine Cut USA Concrete Core Drilling imageConcrete core drilling utilizes a cylindrical drill made of metal with diamond or carbide coated drill tips that allow operators to obtain a core of soil or rock sample in order to determine its properties. The hardest known material is diamond, which is capable of cutting through a wide range of materials to create clean and accurate holes. As this method does not use percussion, the structural integrity of the material remains intact. A core drill is typically cylindrical in shape and hollow and creates a perfectly round hole in sensitive locations or confined spaces.

Diamond core drills come in different sizes and strengths for different uses. Hand-held drills fitted with small bits can be utilized in the home. Larger, more powerful drills are used in large-scale construction or mining projects. As a low-noise, dust-free, and non-percussive process, concrete core drilling the required openings with no cosmetic damage or requirement for aftercare.

Interestingly, concrete core drilling is used in many industries for many different applications. It is often used to drill through wood and masonry vertically and horizontally, at any angle. For instance, it is often used in residential settings for dryer venting, fireplace vents, electrical and plumbing placements, drain holes for driveways and garages, as well as providing access for fiber optics, telephone lines, and computer lines. In addition, concrete core drilling is used in the construction industry for creating openings for plumbing and drainage pipes, electrical wiring for phone and cable lines, HVAC installation systems, manholes, strength test holes, and more.

When you require an accurate, clean way to drill holes in concrete walls, floors and other surfaces, Fine Cut USA offers concrete core drilling as a basic service providing a fast, exact, clean approach for many different types of projects. No matter how challenging the job or the circumstances, our experienced operators can handle even the toughest jobs utilizing the safest and most efficient concrete core drilling methods available Springfield, Branson, Joplin, Jefferson City, and St. Joseph, Missouri, Fine Cut is a leader in the industry. We also provide expert concrete cutting services in Bentonville and Fayetteville, Arkansas. Our crew of operators are experts at using concrete core drilling equipment.

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