Concrete Wire Sawing is Fast, Safe and Cost Effective

Fine Cut USA Concrete Wire Sawing imageConcrete wire sawing is an ideal method for segmenting or removing large chunks of reinforced concrete that other saws simply can’t manage. Whether it’s steel encased concrete, concrete retaining walls, or heavily reinforced rebar, some concrete structures are simply too large, too strong, or the workspace is too confined for a traditional concrete saw to do the job. When the project requires getting into such hard-to-reach areas as underwater piers, steel bridges, electrical towers, concrete dams, and other large, reinforced structures, diamond wire sawing gives operators more versatility.

Importantly, concrete wire sawing is more cost-effective than conventional methods because it is faster and more efficient while still offering unequaled precision. With careful planning, skilled engineering, and adaptive creativity, concrete wire sawing enables operators to make multiple cuts simultaneously, reducing cutting time. Further, it is an exceptionally safe method that produces very little noise, with no vibration or dust.

Not only does this method have a wide range of applications such as cutting through reinforced concrete, metal structures, brick, blockwork, and other tough materials in order to safely remove them. For many construction-related jobs where a traditional chain saw is ineffective this method of cutting concrete is extremely versatile for cutting almost any sized structure to nearly limitless depths. It can be used for many different applications that involve cutting in restricted areas.

Many of Fine Cut’s operators excel in difficult projects involving steel-encased concrete or supports, retaining walls, and reinforced rebar. In addition, this method of cutting concrete maintains structural integrity above and below the waterline and in all kinds of challenging conditions in the most complex construction and demolition projects. 

Fine Cut USA is one of the USA’s leading Diamond Drilling, Concrete Cutting, and Controlled Demolition contractors. We provide a range of concrete wire sawing services for our ever-growing client base within the construction industry in Branson, MO, Lawrence, KS, Bentonville, AR, Columbia, MO, Topeka, KS, Fayetteville, AR, Joplin, MO, Manhattan, KS, Jefferson City, MO, St. Joseph, MO and Springfield, MO due to its adaptability and strength. Subsequently, concrete wire sawing has become the standard for our customers area-wide.

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